We receive hundreds of inquiries each month from consumers that have bought a bad car or truck asking for help to get rid of the vehicle and wondering if there is a used car lemon law in Ohio. Ohio has some of the best laws in the country, and many car dealers violate one or more of those laws when they sell you a vehicle.

Purchasing a used car or truck can be a very stressful event and a decision we always seem to second guess when something goes wrong. You ask yourself:

Did I pay too much for the vehicle?
Did the salesman tell me the truth about the vehicle?
Has the vehicle ever been wrecked?
Should I have purchased an extended warranty or service contract?

How do I get out of this mess?

Whether you are on this lemon used car website because you are having car problems or because you are looking for advice about what to look for when purchasing a used vehicle, you have come to the right place.

If you think you bought a lemon used car, we offer a free case review for most vehicles. In order to review your case, we will need the following information:

  1. We will need to see copies of all of your sales paperwork including the Purchase Contract, Buyers Guide, Finance Agreement, Down Payment Receipts, We Owe Receipts, Warranty Coverage, Odometer Statement, CarFax report, etc. We often find that some or all of the paperwork has not been properly completed which is a violation of the law, s on the purchase paperwork that could allow you to get rid of the vehicle or provide you with money damages.
  2. Next, does your vehicle have a warranty? The warranty can be the remainder of a manufacturer’s warranty, a certified pre-owned warranty, a service contract (extended warranty) or a limited warranty provided by the car dealer. If you are n
  3. Not sure if your vehicle came with any of these warranties, we can help. Call a lemon used car lawyer at 888-331-6422
  4. How many times have your taken your vehicle back to the dealership for repairs? Has it been in multiple times? Is your defect or problem still not fixed? If you’re not sure whether your problem or defect qualifies your vehicle for the used car lemon law, call 888.331.6422 or complete the form on the Contact Us page of this website.
  5.  Is there anything you were told about the vehicle by the car dealer that you think was a lie?
  6. Once we know more about your situation, we will be able to determine if the Ohio used car lemon law applies, of if you are protected by other state and federal laws. Bad used car purchases very greatly so the best way to find out what rights you have is to consult an experienced lemon used car law attorney. Burdge Law has been handling used car cases since 1978 and we are well known in the industry. Don’t fight for your rights alone. Let the attorneys at Burdge Law get you out of your sour deal.

Important things to do if you think you were sold a used lemon vehicle.

  1. Do not wait to take action because you could lose your some or all of your legal rights. Call the lemon used car attorneys at Burdge Law if you suspect the used car or truck you purchased is a lemon.
  2. Keep track of all your records. Do not throw away ANY of the sales papers or repair orders associated with your used vehicle because this is your evidence and the attorney will need it to evaluate your claim and prove your case. Sometimes dealerships do not properly fill out the purchase paperwork, and that can give you even more legal rights. See our (link to appropriate page here)….page to learn more about this subject. If you used car or truck is still covered by the manufacturers warranty, they will to review your paperwork before to assess your claim. The better the paperwork trail the less you will have to fight to prove what has happened. Some examples of paperwork includes: your written notes, purchase documents, warranty booklets issued by the dealership, financing agreements, and repair orders/invoices.
  3. Run a carfax if you did not receive one from the dealership. You may just find out the truth about your lemon vehicle and that the dealership may have known all along that the vehicle was sour.
  4. Keep a diary or a journal of events and CALL US. You would be surprised that many times you think your vehicle is not covered by any Used Car Lemon Laws, and it very well might not be but there are several other laws that our Attorneys can use to protect you when you are sold a bad vehicle or put into a bad situation with a used car.
    We offer a free consultation and have helped many to get the results they deserve. You do not have to live with your lemon used vehicle or be stuck with a vehicle purchase that was a lie.

Initiate your free used car lemon law case review by calling us today, you can also email or fax your requests.