Who We Are

We are used lemon vehicle lawyers. Car Sales Law is what we do. We only represent consumers. Our clients live mostly in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, but sometimes in other states too.

We have been helping consumers get their money back from motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers for over 30 years. It’s what we do.


We care about our clients and we take every case personally. We have helped consumers fight to make car dealers and manufacturers refund their money and buy back used lemon cars and used lemon trucks all over Ohio, in Kentucky and in Indiana, too.

Why do we handle used car cases and disputes? Because our founder, Ron Burdge, bought a lemon car once and was ripped off. Then he went to law school and studied state and federal Car Sales Laws, and became a consumer protection lawyer to help people fight back.

We know what it feels like to be taken advantage of and we know why you don’t like it. We understand. That’s why we help you fight back. We’ve been doing it since 1978. Simply put, it is what we do.

In fact, we have even given over 100 seminars and presentations to attorneys and judges all over the country on how Car Sales Law works and what consumers are entitled to do and get when a car deal goes bad.

We’ve written books and articles on Car Sales law and consumer rights.

We’ve even been interviewed numerous times on radio and television and by newspapers. Everything from small town newspapers to the New York Times, from local attorney bar association magazines to Forbes and national law journals.

Lawyers in other states often call on our help to understand what a local dealer did to their client and how to fight back. We have even gone to their offices to help them help their consumer clients.

Click, call or come by our office for help right now. We handle cases all over Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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