What We Do

We are very experienced in using state and federal used Car Sales Laws to successfully fight for your rights. This is what we’ve been doing for over 30 years.


• Your dealer won’t listen to you
• They won’t take your lemon car or truck back
• The dealer won’t refund your money
• The shop says there is nothing wrong with your vehicle, but you know there is
• The dealer didn’t tell you about your trade-in’s so-called negative equity
• Gap insurance or other things were added to your deal and you didn’t want it or didn’t even know about it
• You complained to the state attorney general and they didn’t help you
• The Better Business Bureau was no help
• Other attorneys don’t seem to understand Car Sales Law very well
• You were ripped off and you don’t know what to do

Then you need:

• Someone who understands Car Sales Law and how to use it to get your money back
• Someone who is not afraid to fight
• Someone who knows how car dealers do things to people
• Someone who cares about you
• Someone who has been ripped off too, and knows what it feels like
• Someone who hates to lose

It’s really simple. If you’ve got a bad car and no one is helping you, then you need us.

When you’ve got a bad car or you were ripped off by a car dealer, what you don’t need is someone who writes wills or handles traffic tickets and other legal matters. Car Sales Law is a special area of the law that, frankly, most lawyers don’t know or understand because they don’t deal with it very often (if ever). Car Sales Law is what we do. Every day.

How can you be sure that we are the right people to help you? That’s easy. Car dealers don’t like us. Car manufacturers don’t like us either. And frankly, we are okay with that.

After all, if they would just treat you right (let alone, follow the law), you wouldn’t have your problem and they wouldn’t get in trouble. When they do though, call us.

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